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Extended Deadline to Register for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

Jan 2, 2018

Last Chance for This Year’s #WonderLeague

We have extended the deadline for registering teams for this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition until Jan. 15, 2018! It’s super easy to sign up your teams of kids ages 6–8 and 9–12. Simply fill out the registration form, and then access all the resources for free with our Edmodo group.

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Even if your team decides not to compete for one of the 1,000 spots in the Invitational Round, we are hopeful they will participate in any capacity you choose! No pressure! We are excited about all who join the Wonder League. Simply register your teams to have access to three original collaborative problem-solving challenges for ages 6–8 and for ages 9–12 (plus lots of support documents, archived webinars, etc.). Plus, you’ll have access to a global community of like-minded educators — we have coaches from more than 59 countries so far!

Then you can work with your teams at their pace, and acknowledge their accomplishments along the way. Our three missions are a way to engage new and veteran programmers of Dash & Dot in an ongoing fashion. The missions are scaffolded for you to challenge your kids and encourage that all-important growth mindset. First-time coach? Check out these tips for starting a team within your school community.

For those teams interested in competing, all evidence for the three team-based missions needs to be submitted by Feb. 16. 1,000 teams will be invited to compete in the Invitational Round for two $5,000 STEM grant grand prizes, where the emphasis will be on scientific and design thinking as well as on coding and robotics!

You have until Jan. 15, 2018, to register your teams. Go ahead and check out the free WLRC content that you can use throughout the second half of this school year. Come join the Wonder League!


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