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Top 7 Questions for the Award-Winning Cue Robot

Jan 2, 2018

An Interview with Wonder Workshop’s CleverBot for Middle Schoolers

Hey, Cue! Who, or rather what, are you?

  • Greetings! I’m Cue, the newest Wonder Workshop CleverBot. What makes me clever, you ask? Well, for starters, I like to tell interactive stories, sing rock ballads, recite my own poetry, and tell very witty jokes. And being multilingual, I can translate your block-based code to text-based code and vice versa.
The many sides of Cue!

How are you different from your buddy, Dash?

  • Well, Dash is a very charming robot with one great personality … but only one. With me, you can choose between four different avatars — Charge, Zest, Smirk, and Pep! Each avatar is a unique personality with different likes, dislikes, and behaviors. And Dash can be a bit, well, elementary. The ingenious creators at Wonder Workshop have enriched my recording capabilities, sensor sensitivity, and memory capacity with middle schoolers in mind. Did I mention that my completely new software allows me to be programmed using visual block icons, state machine commands, or text-based code?

How do you take robotics to the next level when it comes to computer science?

  • My fantastic engineering offers extensive robotics capabilities within two different programming environments. With Create, I can be programmed using a node-based interface that lets you control the flow of your program with a system of linked icons. Create lets you program me very precisely based on the sensor data that I’m constantly reading, and I can perform multiple commands simultaneously! With Code, I can be programmed using block-based code or text-based JavaScript. Simply drag and connect the blocks together to make me do what you want, or switch to text mode and let your fingers do the typing! Code is a flexible yet powerful tool that lets my programs use variables, functions, and complex mathematical operations.

What kind of learners will benefit from you?

  • Due to my flexible programming environments, I can be programmed by “newbies” and experts alike. If you are new to coding, I always like to say the best way to get a clue is to get a Cue! For those who would like to have a bit more practice, they can check out my in-app demo programs and coding adventure stories to get up to speed on the basics. I am also well suited for those “creative” types. Remember, the first part of artificial intelligence is “art”!

Remember, the first part of artificial intelligence is “art”!

What core skills do you help teach?

  • While physical coding and applied robotics skills are impressive, what I help cement are those fundamental skills that help develop lifelong learners. These skills include, but are not limited to, critical thinking, design thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, growth mindset, and digital citizenship. In this day and age, it’s crucial that students understand the importance of technology. In addition to knowing how to use technology, students must also learn to create technology, apply technology, and understand the social impacts of technology.

What will we be surprised by?

  • My alarming wit, of course! Seriously, though, the best way to be surprised is to try and surprise me! What will you program me to do? I can’t wait for the possibilities!

What’s next for you, Cue?

  • Stay tuned! We at Wonder Workshop will be releasing an education-specific app for Windows 10 and Chromebooks, plus a brand-new curriculum for grades 6–8 this year. 2018 is my year for middle schools! Come visit us at Wonder Workshop.

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