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Wonder Leaguers Conquer More Than Just the Pandemic

Feb 9, 2021

Young programmers show perseverance, grit, and determination despite challenges

This year, we celebrate perseverance and agility. Despite an ongoing pandemic, this year’s Wonder League teams came together from around the globe and broke through the barriers. 

The global pandemic resulted in many schools shutting down across the globe which made it harder for teams, especially those that formed up in schools, to continue with their missions smoothly. COVID-19 guidelines vary among countries and with some implementing stricter rules and restrictions, some teams were only able to go so far and many teams that have joined us over the years were only able to watch from afar with anticipation of joining us in the next competition.

In past years’ competition, teams had the freedom to wander around outdoors or interact with various local industries to find inspiration for their missions, but times are different now both physically and mentally as noted by this veteran coach, Yoko Lin, “We must carry bottles of sanitizer and wear masks while carefully avoiding crowds and maintaining social distancing. Such pressure affects a kid’s interest to explore. I’ll need to shoulder the role of a psychological counselor. When I spot inner worries and fears, I’ll have to give them timely guidance.” 

Despite the hurdles that come with the global pandemic, many of the teams still managed to complete all their missions. Lockdowns and quarantines did not stand in the way of our wonder leaguers’ thirst for success. We also admire the thousands of coaches that helped guide these wonder leaguers through the missions and devoted their time and energy to their teams. A round of applause to all of our wonderful coaches!

In the past months, we have watched teams from 61 different countries seek and protect the turtles of the creek, dodge quicksand, and slither through tunnels to restore the creek. Here’s a short reel we put together to celebrate what the teams have accomplished. 


In this year’s qualifying round, teams proved that they possess creativity, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness. Everyone here at Wonder Workshop is excited to see what these teams come up with for the ongoing invitational round. Good luck, and most importantly, have loads of fun learning and problem solving.

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th. -Julie Andrews

Short blurb about authors: 

Hermyn: I’m Hermyn and I’m an intern from the little red dot, Singapore! I’m currently a graduating student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. My favorite thing to do is coding Dash to play tunes on the xylophone while I sing my heart out!

Sheryl: Hello, my name is Sheryl. I am currently a student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore, Pursuing a diploma in Tourism and Resort Management. I began my internship journey with Wonder Workshop in early September 2020, working with their marketing team. A little something about myself would be I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself every day. Coding and Robotic are relatively new to me and working in Wonder Workshop has given me opportunities to explore that area. I’m happy to be able to join you in this journey with Wonder Workshop and watch all the team preserved and overcome challenges to get here today. I’m thrilled to be able to- write this blog post to celebrate those hard works and start this new year with a great note!